Zsa Zsa Gabor’s Husband — Keep Her Daughter Avay from Her!!!

Zsa Zsa Gabor
“s husband Prince Frederic von Anhalt is firing back at his step-daughter Francesca Hilton — claiming her recent attempt to gain control over Zsa Zsa”s conservatorship is a disaster waiting to happen.

You”ll recall … Francesca Hilton filed to take over Zsa Zsa”s conservatorship last month because she doesn”t trust von A-hole to care for her mother … claiming he isolates and sedates her regularly.

But Prince von A-hole has filed a formal objection with the Superior Court of L.A., claiming Francesca is the worst person to take care of Zsa Zsa due to her “past conduct,” which includes an alleged assault on Ahole last year.

He also claims Francesca is personally responsible for his and Zsa Zsa”s current financial problems … though he doesn”t really explain why.

In legal docs … Von A-hole is adamant he does everything in his power to take care of his ailing wife … including hiring help and “prudently” controlling the withering finances.  A judge has yet to rule on the case.