Zosia Mament Talks Advice in Glamour May 2013

Zosia Mament Talks Advice in Glamour May 2013

After wrapping up a successful season of her hit HBO series “Girls,” Zosia Mamet scored a feature in the May 2013 issue of Glamour magazine.

The 25-year-old actress offers her very own advice about everything from avoiding Google searching others to doing the deed too early into a relationship.

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On never having any rules:
“Our parents and grandparents grew up with a “way” of doing things; with our generation, propriety has gone out the window. With dating, there are no rules. Its very confusing. Like, who pays the check Not that long ago a guy spent the night with me. We went to breakfast the next day. The check came. I went to the bathroom, came back. It was still there. I thought maybe he wanted to finish his coffee. When the waitress came to take it away, we had to address it. Seeing my confusion, he said he didnt want to offend me by paying on my side of townhe didnt want to assert his power over mine on my turf. So hes thinking Id be offended, and Im thinking, If youve already Lewis-and-Clarked my body, maybe buy my oatmeal. (Another guy I dated once said, I want to spend the day lying in a hotel bed with you and get room service and never leave our cushy white bathrobes. I was like, Awesome. Then he asked, “Will your dad pay for it” Its trickyand theres no protocolso youve got to talk this stuff through.”

On cyberstalking before going on a blind date:
“Right after Girls came out, a friend set me up with a friend of hers. We were all out and he wanted to show me something on his phone. He pulled up the Internet…and the last search hed done was for me. Terrifying. Im an old-fashioned girl. I like to get to know a human one-on-one. Social media causes false intimacy. You see what a person ate for breakfast on Twitter, and you assume thats what they eat every morning. You dont take the time to really get to know them.”

On having sex too soon:
“Yes, instant gratification is the thingthe inability to wait a day to see each other naked. So the clothes come off on the first date, and then you get to know each other at brunch the next morning. Not necessarily bad, but its sort of forcing us to work backward. In one of my favorite Rilo Kiley songs, theres this lyric, “Talking leads to touching, and touching leads to sex, and then theres no mystery left.” I think theres something to be said for having to want. Getting to know someone. Working forward, not backward.”