Zooey Deschanel: The Internet is "The Worst of Human Nature"

Zooey Deschanel: The Internet is

Heading back to work after a her weekend off, Zooey Deschanel stepped onto the set of her hit Fox series “New Girl” in Santa Monica on Monday (October 8).

While shooting a couple hilarious scenes for the comedy, the 33-year-old actress showed off her gorgeous smile as she rocked a casual ensemble featuring a hot dog hat.

Recently Zooey actress spoke to Marie Claire UK about her efforts to prevent bullying.

“Even I get slammed and overwhelmed by how negative the internet can get, and I”m an adult,” Miss Deschanel explained. “I don”t pay any mind to it, but it”s pretty shocking how when you give people anonymity – it”s like the worst of human nature.”

Zooey continued, “I just feel it”s important tot each young girls to be strong people, to not think, I can”t do this because I”m worried about what people will say.”

“There are worse consequence, but only negativity stops people from being creative, part of which is having bad ideas as well as good ideas. When somebody says, “That idea”s stupid,” you stop your flow of ideas. We can”t have the next generation be so afraid because they have been attacked,” she added.