Zooey Deschanel Slams Thanksgiving Food on "Jimmy Kimmel Live": Watch Here!

Zooey Deschanel Slams Thanksgiving Food on

She”s a huge fan of the holiday season, but despite the family fun that comes with Thanksgiving, Zooey Deschanel just can”t get behind the big feast.

In an interview on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Monday, the “New Girl” star admitted, “Thanksgiving I love for the family togetherness. I don”t love the food… Most of it”s beige or gray, which I just don”t find appetizing.”

To back up her point, she went on, “So you have like your turkey which is beige, stuffing: beige, mashed potatoes: off-white, pumpkin pie is like orange-beige. It”s a lot of beige.”

Later, she refers to stuffing as “salty, wet, soggy bread” and claims that chicken or duck are superior poultry to turkey. Perhaps she can instead get Siri to find her some tomato soup. Check out her controversial opinion in the player below.