Zoe Saldana Talks "Nina" Controversy Role in Glam Belleza Latina Fall 2013

Zoe Saldana Talks

She recently wrapped up the production of her upcoming biopic “Nina” and now Zoe Saldana is discussing the constant criticism of the film in Glam Belleza Latina magazine”s Fall 2013 issue.

During her Q&A session with the publication, the “Star Trek” beauty opened up about her career and the immediate controversy surrounding her portrayal of singer/songwriter Nina Simone.

Check out a few highlights from Miss Saldana”s interview below. For more, be sure to visit Glam Belleza Latina!

On playing Nina:
“You know, I do wish that people made their own judgment after they watch the movie because right now, it isnt even edited yet, and there”s been so much uproar. I can”t say that I”m not affected by it or that it”s not valid. But the one thing that we all have in common is an unconditional love and admiration and respect for Nina Simone. Something that”s done out of love, in my mind, can”t be right or wrong.”

On the ending up with a woman comments:
“Honestly, as women, we have to teach the world to back up. I don”t know where I”m going to be in a year or five years, and so yeah, that [raising a family with another woman] can happen.”

On enjoying her successful acting career:
“Do you know what”s so funny I never really dreamt about this. I like how I go about my life and make decisions that are good for me. I feel like that”s what has led me to my career. I”ve collected a wonderful palette that prevents people from boxing me in. I”m going to keep doing that.”