Zachary Quinto Covers Manhattan April 2013

Zachary Quinto Covers Manhattan April 2013

In anticipation of his upcoming flick “Star Trek: Into Darkness,” Zachary Quinto continued promotions by covering the April 2013 issue of Manhattan magazine.

After rocking designer garb from Dior Homme for the David Needleman front page shoot, the 35-year-old actor chatted with the mag about everything from his adventures on set to his future plans.

“We were in Northern California for the last 10 days of the shoot at this massive, industrial government space. Me, [Chris] Pine, [Benedict] Cumberbatch, and [Simon] Pegg all drove into San Franciso and had a raucous evening until the wee hours,” Mr. Quinto explained. “All of us had some really amazing experiences outside of those first films. I really genuinely love to work with them and J.J. [Abrams].”

In regards to his next plan of action, Zachary admits, “I”d love to go on the record and say I”d love to do a romantic comedy. I”m always looking for opportunities… when I”m focused on the work I”m doing in the moment, and when I”m grateful for it, more comes to me.”

Meanwhile, Manhattan spoke to Quinto”s “Star Trek” co-star Zoe Saldana and asked what she really thought of him.

“What makes Zach unique as an actor is his confidence. Zach isn”t afraid to play a villain, or a psychopath, or a ghost,” Zoe dished. “Usually these are the characters that scare actors because of the complexities they possess, that sort of layered psychological demeanor.”

For more on Mr. Quinto”s interview, be sure to visit Manhattan magazine catch Zach in “Star Trek: Into Darkness” in theaters May 17th.