Zac Efron Calls Kissing 53-Year-Old Michelle Pfeiffer : Best Part of Movie

Michelle Pfeiffer‘s character Ingrid in New Year’s Eve is looking to fulfill her New Year’s resolutions in one day and she seeks the help of hottie Zac Efron‘s much younger character Paul. The actors (who have already appeared together in Hairspray) chatted Wednesday morning with Matt Lauer on the TODAY show, and the anchor just had to ask about the kissing scene.

Matt inquired as to wether the scene was awkward given the age difference of Zac and Michelle, Zac being 24 and Michelle being 53. “Are you kidding?” Zac quipped back. “It’s the best part of the movie!”

“I think we started out thinking it was going to be a little more of a shock than it ends up being,” Michelle clarified. Zac added, smiling:

“It turns out to be really fun. … It was kind of our idea.”

Zac and Michelle disclosed that there wasn’t actually a kiss in the original scene, but they suggested it to famed romcom director Garry Marshall (Valentine’s Day, Pretty Woman). “In the original script it was a little softer,” Zac admitted. “New Year’s Eve magic, it’s about love.”