X Factor"s Rachel Crow Lost 15 Lbs. in Two Months

Rachel Crow
Rachel Crow received glowing reviews from the judges on The X Factor“s first live show Tuesday with her mash-up of Justin Bieber”s “Baby” and the Supremes” “Where Did Our Love Go.” But Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger and L.A. Reid are also smitten with the 13-year-old charmer because she”s just so darn cute – and likable.

L.A. said she could have an acting career. Paula even suggested she run for president. The singer, whose confidence shined through during her very first audition, was also showing off a slimmer figure Tuesday night. Crow spoke with us about how she lost weight 15 lbs. in just two month and why, at such a young age, she did it:

Word is you have lost weight since your audition on The X Factor
Yes, I lost 15 pounds in about two months.

How did you do that
I just did a lot of cardio and working out and my mom was with me all the way so I am really happy. Food used to be everything to me but now it is not. It is more like I eat for survival. So now I am good.

Why did you decide to lose weight
I decided to do it because I thought, “You are going to be on TV, you gotta clean up your act. You have to give it your all.” I really went all out.

Was this your decision or did you get pressure from someone to lose weight
Not at all. It was my decision 100 percent. I told my mom let”s go out and see if I can do something about my weight. She was 100 percent behind me.

Do you want to lose more weight
I don”t think I am going to lose any more weight because if I did I wouldn”t be Rachel. But I am definitely going to keep up on my eating regimen and try to keep going [with my exercise].

L.A. Reid said you would also make a great actress, would you ever want to act
Yes, of course. I love acting. I think it is fun. But singing is definitely my number one passion.