X Factor s Astro: I have Learned That I am Ignorant

The X Factor“s Astro rocketed out of the competition after receiving the lowest number of public votes during Thursday”s double elimination round.

Now, the 15-year-old rapper, whom the judges called out for having a bad attitude earlier in the season, is fessing up that he”s not as self-assured as the image he projects.

“I learned that I”m ignorant,” Astro admitted to reporters following Thursday”s live show. “I learned that I get angry easily and I gotta learn to deal with stuff better. I think I definitely learned since last week, and I”m learning more now.”

Astro”s gracious departure Thursday was a far cry from his onstage meltdown two weeks ago when he almost refused to perform a “save me” song after landing in the bottom two, drawing boos from the studio audience and prompting judge Simon Cowell to accuse him of “showing disrespect” to his mom and fans.

“I”m feeling great,” says the Brooklyn native. “I feel like this is just the beginning for me It was a pleasure being here. I wouldn”t change a thing.”

And the young rapper won”t waste any time moving forward with his career. “I”m going to be doing original material every day, releasing a song almost every week if I can,” he says. “I”m ready to work, and I”m just going to have fun now TV, movies, cartoons, clothing lines, everything that I can touch, I”m gonna do.”

Ballad singer Drew was also booted from the competition when the judges chose to save R&B crooner Marcus Canty during the final singoff. Cowell, who stood by his contestant, was outvoted when L.A. Reid”s Canty gained the support of Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger, who both felt his “save me” song was more moving.