Wynonna Judd — I Wanna Foreclose on Ashley Judd’s Dad

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Another sign of turmoil in the Judd family — country singer Wynonna Judd is declaring war on her ex-stepdad, Ashley Judd“s father … and has now taken steps to foreclose on the guy”s house.

Wynonna filed the lawsuit against Michael Ciminella in Kentucky, claiming she loaned him $200,000 back in 1994 … a loan he secured against his house … and he still hasn”t repaid the debt.

Now, Wynonna claims the loan has swelled to $242,317 with interest and late fees — so she”s asking a judge to let her foreclose on Ciminella”s house in order to get her money.

To clarify — Michael was married to Wynonna”s mother Naomi Judd from 1968-1972, during which the couple had Wynonna”s half-sister Ashley (the actress). Wynonna”s biological father was never married to Naomi.

The lawsuit”s the latest example of a major fissure in the Judd family — just last month, Wynonna married her boyfriend at her Tennessee home … and neither Ashley nor their mother were invited to the wedding.

A judge has yet to rule on the lawsuit. Calls to Ciminella were not returned.