WWE Wrestlers — In a Pre-Wrestlemania WING OFF

Exclusive 0405-wwe-wings-tmz
John Cena and The Rock are 2 days from squaring off for the WWE championship belt in Wrestlemania 29, but our sources found another competition going down today — WING-OFF 1 … there will be bones!

We got pics of 3 WWE stars … Yoshi Tatsu, JTG, and the Great Khali doing battle over 3 massive platters of hot wings at the Chili”s in Hoboken, NJ.

We”re told Khali choked down the most wings before the other 2 guys had to tap out.

Even more amazing — we”re told the enormous meals only set “em back $40 … and all 3 hit the gym afterward.

Though we”re guessing they made one crucial pit-stop first.