WWE Superstar CM Punk — Gunshot Victim Deserves BACKSTAGE PASSES!

Exclusive 0206-Shooting-Victim-cm-punk-wwe
Getting shot in the face has its perks, particularly if you”re a wrestling fan — just ask Thomas Dotterer, who”s being treated like a champ by the WWE just days after some thugs blasted him while robbing his Syracuse liquor store.

The 77-year-old was in critical condition last week after taking a bullet to the eye … but instead of complaining, he told the media he was more upset about the outcome of the WWE Royal Rumble because his favorite wrestler had lost!!!

“The Rock beat [CM] Punk. Did you know that”

Word of the tough-as-nails fan got back to the WWE … and the org. raced to get in touch with the guy.

In fact, we”re told Dotterer already got a phone call from CM Punk and was promised ringside seats and a backstage pass the next time the org. comes to Syracuse.

It almost makes getting shot in the face worth it … almost.