WWE Star Randy Orton — Nut Shot Attacker Was Rogue Wrestler

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The guy who attacked WWE Superstar Randy Orton during a live event in South Africa yesterday turned out to be a wrestler after all … but not one who works for the WWE.  

According to Enca.com in South Africa … 20-year old Tshepo Sekhabi — an independent wrestler who calls himself “Jozi the Wrestling Machine” — told the site he hoped to catch the attention of WWE officials by going rogue and jumping Orton after his match.

As we previously reported … Tshepo snuck his way past security yesterday during an unscripted segment — entering the ring and blasting the wrestler with a mean low blow.

Sekhabi told the site, “I just don’t like Randy Orton; this was an opportunity for me … so I got up there and made a name for myself.”

Bad move — because a case investigator says Sekhabi was instantly booted from the hotel that was hosting the event.

The investigator says Tshepo wasn”t “formally arrested” … but says Orton is free to pursue further legal action against Sekhabi.

A rep for WWE says Orton is “considering pressing charges” but no decision has been made yet.