Wu-Tang Rappers on Ol’ Dirty Bastard — ‘It Don’t Feel Like 8 Years’

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It”s been 8 years since Ol” Dirty Bastard died at the age of 35 … but one of his former Wu-Tang Clan members tells our sources he refuses to mourn, because ODB “wouldn”t want me to.”

our sources spoke with both Raekwon and Ghostface Killah — who tell us they still think about Dirty all the time … and have spent the anniversary of his death reflecting on his remarkable life.

“Today I just want to have a day of prayer to let my brother know I am thinking about him,” Raekwon tells us … adding, “This still hits me real hard.”

“I will mourn over him today and  think about how much he taught me.”

But GhostFace says he”s handling things differently … “I never dwell on the day we lost him, I just celebrate the times I had with him.”

“I pray and thank God on this day because he is my angel … I spent the day just sitting quietly and praying. Dirt wouldnt want us morning so I don”t.”

ODB passed away on Nov. 13, 2004 from an accidental drug overdose … but GhostFace tells us, “I still hear his voice daily … whether it”s his music or memories of things he taught me.”