Wrestling Legend Jake The Snake — To Be Or Not To Be … An Actor

Exclusive 0514-Jake-Snake-Roberts
But, soft! What light through yonder window breaks It”s wrestling legend Jake The Snake!!! Because he”s a freaking actor now!!!

Snake (real name Aurelian Smith Jr.) has struggled with drug and alcohol addiction for decades — but his rep tells our sources, the 57-year-old has been sober for over 180 days … and has decided to kick start his life by embarking on a new career … as a thespian.

The rep says Jake has just started acting classes this week — and hasn”t locked down an agent yet — but he”s already been offered part in an independent film (probably playing some gruff old dude with a mustache).

Once Jake gets into the swing of things, we”re told he”s also planning to go on tons of auditions very soon … TV, commercials, movies, you name it.

FYI, Jake and fellow wrestling legend/recovering addict Scott Hall are currently living with former wrestler Diamond Dallas Page, who has converted his Atlanta home into a kind of sober living facility.

Pretty cool.