'Workaholics' Blake Anderson 911 Call — 'Stabbing Pain Around Anal Area'

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Workaholics” star Blake Anderson seriously injured his anal area last month when he jumped off his roof onto a beer pong table — this according to the 911 call placed the morning after the stunt gone wrong.

As we previously reported, Blake fractured his spine during the accident — which occurred at a raging house party at the actor”s L.A. house in December — and he subsequently required back surgery.

According to the caller — Blake”s dad — Blake plummeted 20-25 feet during the fall, adding, “He landed on his feet but now he”s having extreme pain around his lower back area and his buttocks … to the point where he can”t walk.” His dad clarifies, “There”s a stabbing pain around his anal area.”

The dispatcher asks how Blake fell — and Blake”s dad blatantly lies … claiming the actor “stumbled.”

But as you can see in the video, Blake did NOT stumble — Blake took a flying leap off his roof while the crowd chanted, “Blake! Blake! Blake!” He then crashed, ass first, through a beer pong table.

Live and learn.