Winona Ryder Chats about Traumatic Bullying Experience in V Winter 2013

Winona Ryder Chats about Traumatic Bullying Experience in V Winter 2013

With her upcoming action flick “Homefront” slated to hit theaters November 27th, Winona Ryder pitched in promotions by covering the Winter 2014 issue of V magazine.

While donning designer duds from Gucci and Ralph Lauren for the Mario Testino-shot spread, the “Edward Scissorhands” beauty opened about being bullied as a child and revealed details about her successful career.

Check out a few highlights from Miss Ryder”s interview below. For more, be sure to visit V magazine!

On her bullies:
“I was obsessed with Bugsy Malone and had cut my hair. I remember the halls were empty and these kids started shouting “f*****t” and I didn”t think they were talking to me. walking home after leaving the nurse”s office – and I”ve never talked about this – I remember pressing on the bandage because I wanted it to look more dramatic. I had this inner monologue going of Humphrey Bogart, like, “being roughed up!” I was pretending I was in some gangster movie. It was oddly my way of dealing with it, because if I didn”t, I probably would have been really scared.”

On her acting woes:
“I was fired once from a movie because I did “Heathers!” I was cast in a movie and the director saw an advance screening and was offended by it and fired me. It wasn”t until years later that the film became more appreciated.”

On her roles:
“I think what has kind of worked [is] I was not strategic at all. I do remember feeling a lot of pressure. I remember a lot of the conversations where I was constantly hearing, “You”ve gotta do this movie so you can do that movie. You”ve gotta make a big movie so you can make a small movie.” But I can”t act like that. When I think about the stuff I”ve turned down or the stuff I wasn”t interested in, I don”t have any regrets.”

On “Homefront”:
“[My character”s] such a complete chick. she”s what you think of when you hear the words “biker chick.””