William Levy and Cheryl Burke Won"t Kiss on Dancing with the Stars

Cheryl Burke and William Levy
Based on the wild cheers inside the ballroom, Cheryl Burke and her injured partner William Levy gave viewers what they wanted on Monday night”s Dancing with the Stars. But don”t expect the pair to take things a step further with a mid-routine smooch like the one Derek Hough and partner Maria Menounos shared on the Latin-themed episode.

“We like to leave it up to the imagination,” Burke, 27, told us backstage after the performances, adding that she and Levy have no plans to kiss.

But unlike judge Carrie Ann Inaba, Levy, 31, and Burke don”t worry about whether an actual lip-lock was too much for the dance.

“I don”t know,” they both said at the same time. “They can do whatever they want.”

Added Burke with a laugh, “I kissed [Levy”s] nose. Is that good enough”

Meanwhile, Hough told us that he normally agrees that passion should be implied in dance – rather than actually acted out – he has no regrets about Monday”s routine, which landed the couple a second-place spot with a solid score of 27 points.

“There was a place in the music where there was such a big build, we thought we needed to do something fun,” he says. “And since we didn”t [actually kiss] during the rumba, we thought, “Why don”t we actually do it [for our salsa]” ”

Calling the dance “sexy,” Hough goes on to say, “Tonight it was fun. Tonight it called for it.”