William and Kate pose for selfies with excited fans

William and Kate pose for selfies with excited fans
Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, nee Kate Middleton, delighted several lucky well-wishers in Australia on Tuesday by posing for selfies.

During a walkabout in Sydney, the royals stopped for self-portraits with excited fans who had gathered for a glimpse of the couple.


Nina Kiwarkis, a woman awaiting a heart and lung transplant, was lucky enough to get a selfie with both William and Kate. “I thought William would say no but he didn’t. He wished me well,” she said afterwards.

Chloe Skafte, a 19-year-old student, took a selfie with the Duchess after giving her a bunch of flowers.

Earlier on in the tour, during a walkabout in Christchurch, Kate was spotted high-fiving a youngster while laughing at the camera. The snap was then retweeted thousands of times with the hashtag #besteverselfie.

Kate, William and baby George were given a rockstar-like welcome when they arrived in Australia for the first time as a family.

They were greeted to cheers as they stepped off the plane and thousands of well-wishers lined the Sydney Harbour foreshore on Thursday afternoon, in the shadow of the Opera House.