will.i.am: Prince Harry is "Like Iron Man"

will.i.am: Prince Harry is

Though his week-long tour was designed to tout Britain, Prince Harry seems to have charmed everyone he”s encountered while in the States.

At a fundraiser to benefit the red-haired royal”s charity foundation on Tuesday night, will.i.am praised the young prince.

In an interview with The Telegraph, the Black Eyed Peas hitmaker gushes, “If you”re American and you watch movies on the royal family historically, it seems [like] fantasy, but to see the human in Harry, he”s a normal guy.”

Later, the Grammy winner noted the philanthropist”s “beautiful heart and great upbringing,” adding that “it makes you believe that your family is royalty as well.”

Genuinely appreciating Harry work, the 38-year-old musician concluded, “He doesn”t have to do charity, he doesn”t have to care, he could just be wild. If he was a character in a movie, he would be like Iron Man. He”s a dudehe”s a party guy, he”s a technology guy, he comes from royalty, but he”s a real person.”