Will Ferrell Hosts ??Anchorman 2? Sausage Sizzle Shindig Down Under

Will Ferrell Hosts ??Anchorman 2? Sausage Sizzle Shindig Down Under

Hes been going non-stop as of late, and Will Ferrell was in Sydney, Australia for the Sausage Sizzle Fan Event as part of his Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues promotions on Tuesday (November 26).

The Night at the Roxbury hunk was joined by costars Paul Rudd and David Koechner as he hammed it up with a group of lucky Aussie enthusiasts while the shutterbugs snapped up pics.

As for breaking his own hard-and-fast rule to never do sequels, Ferrell told press, The fandom for this movie just kept growing with each year and after doing so many trips to Australia promoting other movies, where, after the second question, all I”m being asked is, “Are you going to do a sequel to Anchorman” we thought that maybe we should really do this.

Will also noted that given all the extra footage that didnt make the first cut, they could make an Anchorman 2.5. There could be a whole other movie. There are 230 jokes that you could put in and into a recut of the first movie.”

Koechner added, “He”s not joking. McKay [director and co-writer Adam McKay] has gone through it. Somebody has counted.”