Why Nancy Grace Keeps Her Chin Up Despite Low Scores on Dancing

David Arquette and Nancy Grace
We made it through! The Dancing with the Stars Halloween Week was incredible. First, let me just say, the crew on the show – from makeup to hair, from costumes to set design – is truly extraordinary. I record all of the shows so that I can re-watch our dance (and the whole program) after every live broadcast – and I am always amazed at the phenomenal job this team does every single week!

I had high hopes for our jive and group tango. There were times when Tristan was definitely doing all the work on the dance floor, but I thought we looked pretty darn good. (And, apparently, most people think I should cut my hair and dye it red! Hee hee!)

The judges had some tough criticism for us, but we ended up with a score of 21, only 3 points behind last week – when we were towards the top of the leader board with a 24! But still, it never feels good to be held in jeopardy. It feels awful. My chest hurt, and I thought I would vomit on Tristan (again). My goal is to set a good example for my 4 year-old twins, John David and Lucy. I want them to see Mommy with her chin up. Its beyond nerve-wracking. Saying goodbye to David and Kym was hard. They are such good dancers, and we have become friends.

The heat is on! Tris and I both believe the biggest competition is with ourselves. We go Monday to Monday – work as hard as we possibly can on our dance and bring all of that energy and determination to the dance floor. I want the twins to know that, if you work the hardest and you believe, your dreams can come true. I also want them to see that when youre down, youre not out! You must stand tall and keep on … NO MATTER WHAT!

A big highlight of the week: I met Paula Abdul for the first time! Her dressing room for The X Factor is right across the hall from the DWTS set, so we”re work neighbors.

Tristan and I are in the final five! Even writing that feels surreal. My prayers were answered on Monday. I am so blessed to be here, mainly thanks to all of you and my lucky charm, Tristan. I listen to your phone calls and read all of your messages, Tweets, Facebook posts – they lift me up every single day. Just know you will all be in my mind when I take to the dance floor next week and bring you a show-stopping Tango!

Nancy Grace & the Twins