Who Are You Rooting for on The Biggest Loser Finale?

From left: John Rhode, Antone Davis and Ramon Medeiros
It”s a man”s world on this season of The Biggest Loser: For the first time ever, there will be no female contestant competing in the finale.

Instead, ex-NFL player Antone Davis, special education teacher John Rhode and tattoo artist Ramon Medeiros, who earned his spot finishing first in the Biggest Loser marathon, will battle it out for the season 12 title.

The smallest of the three finalists, Medeiros, 27, is confident he can take the down the big guys. “David slayed Goliath so I can do it,” he says. “I”m the strongest I”ve ever felt.”

Medeiros has been keeping up a rigorous exercise schedule, spending up to five hours a day running sprints, using an elliptical machine, doing body weight resistance training and lifting weights. His strict diet includes oatmeal, greens, chicken and brown rice – even if he does still indulge in some of his favorite snacks, like pretzels.

“But now,” he says, “I eat the serving size indicated on the package versus the whole bag.”

Dealing with LifeFor Davis, life after the Ranch has been a bit more difficult. “Eating organic is tough on your pocketbook, especially after Chili”s decided they didn”t want to employ me anymore,” says the former restaurant manager and father of four. “It”s been a challenge.”

But it”s also been a life change worth fighting for. “It feels like my body has become a machine,” says Davis, 44, who spends about six hours a day in the gym running and walking.

“I”ve been over 300 lbs. for over 30 years. It”s night and day,” he says about his new body.

For Rhode, 40, it”s about finding the strength to never give up. “Before I left the Ranch I quit, and I will never quit again,” he says. “I got stripped down to my core on the show, and now I have nothing to do but build up.”

Stepping away from common misconceptions, like assuming salad is always healthy – “Sometimes the dressing is 400 calories by itself,” says Rhodes – Rhode now craves healthier options like a sandwich in a bowl instead of on bread, topped with mustard instead of dressing.

Rising early to get in a four-mile run before his day starts, Rhode is thrilled he can now “ride a bike and fit on the amusement park rides with my sons.”

“I”m not the fat dad anymore,” he says. “I don”t know if I am a 5.0 or a 6.0, but I am a new version of me.”