Weston Cage & Nikki Williams — DIVORCE FINAL … She Keeps Her Wedding Ring

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Nicolas Cage
“s son Weston and his wife Nikki Williams are officially divorced, our sources has learned — but the crazy part … she gets to keep her wedding ring, despite promising to PAWN IT OFF.

As we reported, 22-year-old Weston filed for divorce back in 2011 — not really shocking, considering they were both arrested for domestic violence against each other after they tied the knot earlier that year … following a two-week engagement.

The divorce is now final — but according to the order, obtained by our sources, 24-year-old Nikki gets to keep her wedding ring … along with the rights to her entire song catalog, including a track called “Pawn My Wedding Ring.”

The song was written last year, after Weston filed for divorce, and it contains the lyrics — “It started perfect, you were a different person / But you changed on me after the honeymoon was done.”

It continues … “And because it”s not worth anything / I”m about to pawn my wedding ring / Get rid of everything that was right or wrong.” See It”s right there in black and white.

Meanwhile, Weston gets to keep his musical equipment, bank account, and songs … including fluffy uplifting hits like “Souless Eyes,” “Vampire Sentiment,” and “Heathen Sanctuary.”

Young love.