Wes Scantlin’s Hot Ex-Wife — Bastard Stole My Car!

Exclusive 0222-wes-scantlin-tmzPuddle of Mudd singer Wes Scantlin stole his ex-wife”s SUV this week, smashed it up, returned it hours later … and then threatened her — so says his ex-wife … who is really hot.

Jessica Scantlin tells our sources, when she woke up Monday morning and noticed her Honda Pilot had vanished from her home — she immediately suspected Wes because he”d taken it before.

Jessica says she texted Wes” manager to demand the singer return the vehicle asap — and 6 hours later he texted back the exact location of her wheels.

She says the manager also texted, “Wes didn”t take your car” — leaving Jessica puzzled about how the manager knew where to find it.

According to Jessica, cops impounded the Pilot to have it tested for prints — but she”s “100% sure it”s Wes” because the windows weren”t broken … and she claims it”s likely he has a spare key.

And there”s this — Jessica claims, in addition to the SUV having jacked up bumpers and a side view mirror missing … she also got super creepy texts from Wes after the whole ordeal.

She says one read, “Learn” — and the other … “You can”t hide. I hope you have a shovel.”

Jessica has filed a legal request to have Wes held in contempt of court for making the alleged threats — and for taking the car … which she was given in the divorce.

Calls to Wes” camp haven”t been returned.