Wes Scantlin — PHOTO Of Alleged Buzz Saw Rampage

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Here they are … pics of Wes Scantlin going all Leatherface on his neighbor”s house last week — climbing the roof armed with a buzz saw — the crazy move that led to his felony vandalism arrest.

our sources broke the story … the 41-year-old “Puddle of Mudd” singer was popped Wednesday after allegedly going to town on his neighbor”s property with the saw and a sledgehammer … knocking down a wall he believed had been illegally built on his side of the property line.

our sources obtained the pics of the ordeal — and Scantlin looks pretty comfy brandishing the saw … it”s nuts.

We also spoke to Scantlin”s neighbor, a singer named Sasha Gradiva, who thinks the rocker needs professional help, arguing his arrest was just the latest in a long string of crazy behavior.


Of course Scantlin told a different tale, previously telling us, “My neighbor vandalized my house so I had to take action.”

We”re guessing no sugar”s getting borrowed any time soon.