Wayne Newton??s Famous Vegas Compound for Sale — $70 MILLION!!


Wanna live like Wayne Newton 

First, get about 45 face lifts (allegedly) … then, PLACE AN OFFER ON HIS FAMOUS LAS VEGAS ESTATE … but only if you’ve got around $70 million laying around. 

The 36-acre ranch – which Newton famously dubbed Casa de Shenandoah – has hit the market … just months after Wayne and his wife moved out following years of legal battles over money (or lack thereof). 

CdS has it all — plush white carpets, gold trimmed doors, a “car museum,” 37 empty stables, lots of rundown buildings, an old ass tennis court, a dilapidated gazeabo and a jumbo jet and terminal. 

Of course, the property was the scene of Wayne’s infamous date with Ellen Griswold in “Vegas Vacation” … remember, she was a Wayne-iac!

Anyway, the developer who bought the property in 2010 originally planned to turn the ranch into a Wayne Newton museum. Those plans have been scrapped. Now, he just wants to unload quick … for quick $70 mil. 

Fun Fact — the owner did dump millions into upgrading the property …  including an “upgrade” that included removing 7,000 cubic yards of horse manure from the grounds.