Wayne Newton — 65-ft. Luxury Yacht Mysteriously Sinks

Sinking News 1021_YACHT_sunk_tmz_wm
Wayne Newton“s fancy boat is almost entirely underwater on Lake Mead, AZ … and our sources has the first pic of the sunken vessel.

Newton wasn”t on board the 65-foot yacht when it went down while moored in a marina. The bow of the “Rendezvous” is all that”s left above water right now.

It”s a total mystery how the yacht suddenly sunk — but a rep for the National Park Service tells our sources the initial assessment  is some sort of equipment failure.

This is the latest financial catastrophe for Newton … who”s been in a longstanding legal battle over plans to turn his home into a museum — and recently tried to unload the place for $70 million dollars. So far, no takers.

The Park Service told us it will begin salvage operations on the yacht this week, and then park service rangers — and insurance investigators — will begin their probe.

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