Warren Sapp to Judge — Jeremy Shockey Might Come After Me


Broke NFL legend Warren Sapp has warned the judge in his bankruptcy case that Jeremy Shockey might sue his ass for defamation … because Sapp accused him of being the “snitch” in the NFL bounty scandal.

As we previously reported, Shockey has been considering taking legal action against Sapp … claiming Warren went on the NFL Network and FALSELY identified Jeremy as the man who blew the whistle on the New Orleans Saints just a few months ago.

For those unfamiliar with the bounty scandal … the Saints were punished BIGTIME when league officials discovered players were encouraged to intentionally injure certain opponents … and were even rewarded with cash prizes. Bad stuff.

Now, Sapp has filed new docs in bankruptcy court, listing Shockey as a potential creditor … joining a long list of creditors that includes baby mamas, the IRS and a speech therapist.

Since Sapp initially filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy — claiming he”s broke-ass broke — he”s required to inform the court about any person who could make a financial claim against him.

Obviously, Sapp feels there”s a chance Shockey will come after him in court.

Stay tuned.