Warren Sapp — Please Don’t Take My Condo Away!

Former NFL superstar Warren Sapp didn”t shed too many tears when he lost his Super Bowl ring, but when it comes to losing his home … he won”t go down without a fight, our sources has learned. 

HSBC bank is on the attack, claiming Sapp — who recently filed for bankruptcy in Florida — owes them $781,879.39 from before his filing. They are asking a judge to allow them to foreclose on his beachfront condo to help settle the score.

The football legend filed a response this week, pleading with the judge to let him keep the fancy digs. Sapp claims he”s still living in it … despite not making payments on it since May 2011.

Sapp vows to cough up the cash as soon as he sorts out the bankruptcy.

A judge has yet to rule.


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