Warren Sapp — I’m Still a Champion … Even Without My Rings

Former NFL superstar Warren Sapp
Former NFL superstar Warren Sapp says he isn”t too broken up about his missing Super Bowl ring … telling our sources, “That ring didn”t make me a champion, my team and I did.”

our sources spoke with the future Hall-of-Famer after he filed bankruptcy papers in Florida, in which he says he lost both his 2002 Super Bowl ring AND the 1999 National Championship ring he won during his days at the University of Miami.

Sapp tells us … he”s pretty sure he lost the Super Bowl ring while traveling a few years ago … because the last time he saw it was right before a trip.


Sapp says he never really wore the ring … so he”s not bothered by the loss.

Ditto for the college ring … Sapp tells us, “Have you ever seen the 1999 Miami Hurricanes championship ring It was 10 carats of cubic zirconia and yellow gold. it might be worth 300 bucks.”