Wade Robson — I Hope to Inspire OTHER Molestation Victims to Come Forward

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Wade Robson says he feels LIBERATED after opening up about the alleged sex abuse at the hands of Michael Jackson on national TV … and says he hopes he inspires other people to “speak their truth.”

Robson had just landed at LAX yesterday after his big tell-all interview with Matt Lauer on the “Today” show — and said he has no regrets about going public with his MJ accusations.

While Wade”s story is under fire — considering he so vehemently DEFENDED Michael during the 2005 molestation trial — the dance choreographer says he hopes his decision to come forward will be viewed as inspirational.

“If my coming forward and speaking the truth can help, honestly, one [person] to gain courage to speak their truth and begin the healing process than that would really be more than I could ask.”

our sources broke the story … Wade is going after the Michael Jackson Estate court, claiming MJ sexually abused him as a child. Wade said he waited so long to take action because he didn”t realize he was being abused until recently.