‘Voice’ Contestant Vicci Martinez — Her Guitars Gently Weep After Car Crash

exclusive 0814-voice-car-accident
“Voice” finalist Vicci Martinez was thrilled to walk away unscathed this week from a horrific car accident in Delaware … but she was especially relieved her precious guitars were unscathed.

Martinez was leaving a radio interview to promote a benefit she was playing for a local children”s hospital when she was rear-ended at a stop light.

Martinez — who made the final four on season one of “The Voice” — tells our sources she was way more worried about the fate of her guitars than herself — one of which was sitting precariously in a soft case on the back seat and the other in the trunk.

Amazingly, the guitar in the trunk was unblemished.  Ditto the back seat strummer.  As for Vicci, she was sore but uninjured.

The guitar went to good use … the benefit raised $122,000.