Virgin Diaries: Meet the Stars of the TLC Special

The 40-year-old Virgin was a work of fiction, but TLC”s Virgin Diaries is the true story of older adults who”ve never had sex.

The show chronicles a number of 20 and 30-something virgins, including roommates Lisa, Tamara and Danielle, who are all saving themselves for marriage.

Well, sort of.

Tamara calls herself a “reclaimed virgin,” admitting that she”s had sex with multiple partners, but in recent years decided to refrain from sex until marriage.

“I actually feel like such a different person than I was even from the last time that I did have sex with someone, so I almost feel like it will be like I never had sex before,” Tamara says.

“I don”t think it works quite like that,” admits her roommate Lisa, who has only kissed one person.

The hour-long reality special is already causing controversy among critics, who feel the subjects are being exploited.

But for the 35-year-old bachelor who admits he”s “not a virgin entirely by choice” and the couple who decided to save their first kiss until their wedding day, it”s not just a TV show, it”s their reality.

Virgin Diaries premieres Sunday, Dec. 4 at 9 p.m. EST.