Victoria's Secret Exec Insists Jessica Hart's Slam of Taylor Swift was "Misinterpreted"

Victoria's Secret Exec Insists Jessica Hart's Slam of Taylor Swift  was

Fiercely defending the choice to have Taylor Swift perform at the annual Victoria”s Secret Fashion show, chief marketing officer Edward Razek insists that model Jessica Hart”s comments were misinterpreted.

On Wednesday (November 13), the Angel was asked by Women”s Wear Daily whether the country crooner could pull off being a VS model to which she replied, “God bless her heart. I think she”s great, but I don”t know to me, she didn”t fit.”

Speaking to Us Weekly, Razek claims, “I have personally been in contact with Jessica Hart and she said she was “wildly misinterpreted” and that she thought Taylor was “amazing.” She is stunned that anyone would think differently. And that”s something we can all agree on.”

Adding that his Angels also had a great time, he said, “I know that for fact. I talked to them. If you don”t believe me, look at the Angels Instagram posts. Wherever possible they posted shots of themselves with Taylor. In fact, they insisted she be in the 2013 Angels class picture that was taken at the end of the show, and nearly all asked to have a picture taken with her backstage. She is as good and strong and powerful and beautiful an artist as I”ve ever come across.”

It seems as if Ms. Swift has found a superfan, as the exec concludes, “Taylor”s not ready to be an Angel She”s more than ready to be anything she wants to be. I could not have more respect for this woman, or be more appreciative of her participation, and I can speak for the entire VS brand, the crew, and most certainly the Angels. We honestly could not have been happier with Taylor. She rocked the house. Sounded great. Looked stunning. And had the best time with the Angels. Some things I let slide. But not this. It couldn”t be more wrong.”