Victoria Beckham in T Magazine: "There are So Many Things I Want to Do"

Victoria Beckham in T Magazine:

We love her keen fashion sense and family dedication and now Victoria Beckham tells us more about her life in T Magazine.

During her Q&A session with the publication, “Posh Spice” dished about expanding her business and revealed the truth about the Beckham household.

“I want to reach as many women throughout the world as I can,” Miss Beckham explains. “There are more categories that I want to entire into. I would love to do fragrance, I would love to do makeup, I would like to do underwear. There are so many things I want to do.”

“I am very career minded, and I think my personality is more suited to America. I am a working mum,” she added.

When discussing how she keeps normalcy in her home, Victoria says, “We have what I consider to be normal birthday parties. I”ve been to parties in L.A. that are mind-blowing. I mean, quite literally mind-blowing.”

She continues, “People get cellphones in the party bag, that sort of thing. Fabulous, fabulous parties. Ours aren”t like that. They are normal kids” parties. We”ll have a bouncy castle, a face painter.”