Victoria Beckham celebrates 40th birthday with her "beautiful babies" at the Grand Canyon

Victoria Beckham celebrates 40th birthday with her
Victoria Beckham turned 40 yesterday and to celebrate the fashion icon took her “beautiful babies and wonderful husband” on a trip to the Grand Canyon, and included her social media fans, regularly tweeting and updating her Facebook page throughout the day.

 “Good morning LA, it’s my birthday!!!! x vb”, she tweeted with a link to an Instagram video which showed Alice from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland blowing out a candle, before later tweeting an Instagram snap of her basking in the sunshine and showing her followers how she was spending her day.


Victoria Beckham at the Grand Canyon

“Good morning! Special day with my beautiful babies and wonderful husband, I love you all so much x vb” she tweeted before revealing that the Beckham family spent the day hiking in the Grand Canyon as she showed her fans a shot of herself relaxing on a rock looking out over the views.

She later tweeted a snap of her and husband David cuddling together on a lounger.

“Magical day hiking the Grand Canyon with my babies x vb, the designer tweeted.

Victoria and David Beckham

Throughout the day, in which Victoria celebrated a milestone 40th birthday, she tweeted her thanks to all her fans, “Thank you for your beautiful birthday wishes, I feel so blessed and happy on my special day x vb”, as well as showing off old family pictures of her parents and siblings.

Her parents both got individual shout outs – “It’s my birthday!! I love u mummy x vb”, and “Me and my dad. How cool is he!!! I love u daddy x vb” – while a tweet for her brother and sister was adorably captioned: “To my little brother and sister, I love u both from the bottom of my heart,lots of kisses,your big sister x Victoria x”


The former Spice Girl turned fashion designer also tweeted Vogue Paris after the French fashion magazine tweeted her a happy birthday message, and she also stayed true to her down-to-earth family roots by making sure her sister-in-law also received a thank you, after David’s sister Joanne sent her a message which read, “happy 40th birthday to my wonderful sister in law xx”