Vegas Nightclub Shooting — 1 Killed, 2 Injured at Celebrity Hot Spot

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A shooting at Drai”s nightclub in Las Vegas this morning has left at least 1 person dead and 2 others injured … our sources has learned.

Here”s what went down … witnesses tell our sources a person, who appeared to be a white male, was loitering in the cashier area of the famous after-hours club around 5:45 AM. 

When the man was approached by a club employee and asked to move, the suspect pulled out a gun and started yelling back at the staff.

One witness tells us someone in the area (not a member of the security team) tried to apprehend the suspect … and that”s when shots began to ring out.

We”re told at least one person died from a gunshot and least 2 others were injured.

The man was eventually taken into custody.

Drai”s has been a staple in Vegas for years — and has been popular with huge stars like Paris Hilton and Nick Cannon.

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