Vegas Nightclub Mogul Steve Davidovici — NO PRISON in Tax Evasion Case

Famed Vegas nightclub mogul Steve Davidovici — who previously ran Pure at Caesar”s and LAX at the Luxor — was just sentenced in his tax evasion case … but he won”t be spending a day behind bars.

Steve pled guilty to filing a false 2006 tax return — and the government had sought an 18-month prison sentence.

But the judge was merciful, sentencing Davidovici — who recently founded the Sugar Factory in Vegas — to 8 months home detention and 3 years probation.

It was a pretty crazy case — with the investigation culminating with IRS agents raiding Davidovici”s house and nightclubs in 2008 … at gunpoint.

Steve”s lawyer David Chesnoff tells our sources, Steve is “a hard-working man whose good deeds far outweigh his mistakes. Steve will make the most of this opportunity to continue to be a productive citizen.”