Vanessa Hudgens: Yves Saint Laurent Lady

Vanessa Hudgens: Yves Saint Laurent Lady

Looking to boost the local economy, Vanessa Hudgens treated herself to a spot of shopping in London, England today (July 17).

The Bandslam babe, who looked marvelous in a pretty white dress, headed over to the Yves Saint Laurent boutique at Old Bond Street where she picked up some new duds and accessories.

Meanwhile, Vanessa gal pal Ashley Tisdale recently sang her praises during an interview, noting that their friendship is rock solid given all that theyve experienced.

“She”s like my family. She”s like my sister. We grew up together. We were part of something that was really exciting. Doing a franchise, you become a family with everybody in that cast. It”s hard to explain because it”s a bond between all of us. Nobody knew that it was going to be super successful. It”s not one of those movies that are made after a book and are super successful. For us, it kind of came out of nowhere. We were like, “Whoa what just happened””

Ashley added, “She”s like my best friend. I”m so supportive of her and she”s supportive of me. I”m so proud of her and all the work she”s done.”