Vanessa Hudgens Drops New ??$$$ex? Music: Listen Here!

Vanessa Hudgens Drops New ??$$$ex? Music: Listen Here!

Showing off her vocal chops, Vanessa Hudgens just released a new song called $$$ex, and its a far cry from her Disney days.

The High School Musical hottie drops f-bombs and talks about all kinds of mature subject matter in the single, which was said to be inspired by her new movie Spring Breakers.

And it sounds like Vanessas latest track is just the first of many forthcoming musical ditties in the works right now.

Hudgens blogged, Its been a while since Ive released a track, so Im so excited to share this with yall! Last night I spent some time recording in the studio w/Rock Mafia & YLA!

Check out the song below, but be advised- there”s strong language and some racy scenes from “Spring Breakers” included.

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