Valérie Trierweiler breaks her silence over Francois Hollande"s alleged affair

Valérie Trierweiler breaks her silence over Francois Hollande
Valérie Trierweiler has broken her silence since news of Francois Hollande‘s alleged affair, to say that the French President has not been permitted to visit her in hospital

Valérine spoke called a French radio station to deny claims that Mr Hollande had declined to see her, insisting instead that doctors had barred him from visiting, and he had sent her flowers and chocolates.

“She doesn’t want to people to think he is neglecting her at such a painful time,” said a reporter for RTL radio after speaking to Valérine.

“It was the doctors who had forbidden the head of state to visit her,” added the reporter. “It is a widespread practice in case of psychological distress. The patient is temporarily confined, kept at distance from their entourage to get better.”

“She is still very tired to the extent that she cannot stand up. Her blood pressure and morale are low but she hopes to leave with her head held high to and is prepared to fight, at least for her dignity.”

First lady Valérine also set the record straight about her illness, saying that she had not had a nervous breakdown, but rather was suffering with “extreme fatigue”.

Valérie was admitted to hospital earlier this week with doctor’s saying she was being treated for a “severe case of the blues”.

The 48-year-old journalist, who last week found out that the French president was allegedly having an affair with actress Julie Gayet, has been in hospital since Friday.

Valérie was expected to be discharged but may stay for another six to eight days to rest and undergo more tests.

“The doctors say she needs more rest and they will decide when she will be able to leave,” a spokesperson at the Elysée Palace told Reuters. “She needs some peace.”