Valerie Harper: Conquering Cancer

Valerie Harper: Conquering Cancer

Though she may seem a bit frail at 74 years of age, Valerie Harper is actually one of the fiercest ladies in showbiz.

The Mary Tyler Moore star has long surpassed her doctors expectations after being diagnosed with brain cancer earlier this year.

Dr. Jeremy Rudnick, who initially gave Harper just three months to live, told Today, “I”d say that we”re getting pretty close to a remission. It defies the odds.”

Valerie also noted, “Spontaneous remission lives as a possibility I think infinite possibility is beautiful in every area. A lot of stuff that looks impossible is not, and everyday there”s evidence of it. I just want to live every moment to the fullest.”

Meanwhile Harpers husband Tony Cacciotti added, “Going from having three months to live, or less; we”re into our sixth month, and now there”s even hope beyond right now.