Usher’s Son — First Photo After Horrific Pool Accident

“s ex-wife is clearly trying to prove a point … she”s a caring mother who deserves custody of her sons — after her eldest nearly drowned this week — and this photo tells the story.

Tameka Raymond posted the photo today, the first pic of 5-year-old Usher Raymond V since the horrific accident on Monday … and it paints a picture of motherly love and protection. Tameka”s arms are wrapped around her son, and he”s surrounded by get-well-soon balloons.

It”s a subtle dig at Usher … who is noticeably absent.

As we reported, Tameka is blaming Usher for the pool accident, claiming he isn”t an attentive father — despite having primary custody of their two boys — and she”s already filed legal docs attempting to get custody back.