Usher Sued for Allegedly Stealing Hit Song "Caught Up"

Usher Sued for Allegedly Stealing Hit Song

Allegations flew today (November 8), as three songwriters sued Usher for allegedly stealing his hit song “Caught Up” from them, and gaining massive success from it to boot.

The three songwriters in question, named Zacharia Edwards, Mitch Moses and Vince McClean, claim that they wrote a song, entitled, “Caught Up” back in 2002, about a man lost in love.

Coincidentally, Usher recorded a song two years later, named “Caught Up” also featuring a man lost in love. It became a national hit, and was featured on his album, Confessions.

Suing for unspecified damages, the three men claim they played it for a higher-up at Arista Records, which is also Usher”s label. The man they played the tune for, then played it for LA Reid. The three men never heard from Arista again, however, they alleged that Usher”s hit song was theirs when it aired two years later.