Usain Bolt — I’m The Greatest Athlete Who EVER LIVED!!

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Usain Bolt is the GREATEST athlete in the history of all mankind … so says Usain Bolt … who just CRUSHED everyone in the 200 meter final.

*Sidenote — don”t bitch about the “spoiler” … it happened … get over it.*

Anyway, moments after he captured gold, Usain modestly touched on his accomplishments to the world media:

“I”m now a legend. I”m also the greatest athlete to live.”

Bolt also gave the ol” tip of the hat to American sprinting legend Michael Johnson … adding, “I am in the same category as Michael Johnson. I”m honored. It”s all about Michael Johnson for me.”

So … greatest athlete ever Better than Ali Better than Michael Jordan Jim Thorpe Michael Phelps Pele