UFC Star Alistair Overeem — Ordered to Attend ‘Impulse Control’ Counseling

UFC badass Alistair Overeem has just been ordered to attend “impulse control” counseling — after allegedly shoving a woman in the face at a Vegas hotel in January.

He was also ordered to perform 50 hours of community service.

As we previously reported, Overeem was charged with misdemeanor battery after allegedly “pushing/shoving” a woman in the face at the Wynn Hotel on January 2 — just a few nights after beating Brock Lesnar into retirement at UFC 141.

In addition, Alistair was sentenced to 90 days for the assault today — but the sentence was suspended to give the bruiser a chance to show the court he”s not an out-of-control hothead.

If Overeem completes his community service and anger management classes in time … the battery charge will be dismissed.