U.S. Govt. To Troops — Screw The Shutdown — We’ll Let You Watch Football

Exclusive 1007_Chuck-Hagel_football_tmz_composite
U.S. troops just scored a major military victory — the right to watch NFL games again — because the top dude at the Pentagon has done an about-face … our sources has learned.

We”re told … Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is ordering certain furloughed employees at the Dept. of Defense to return to work … and that includes the Armed Forces Network — which had to stop broadcasting games because its staff was furloughed.

As we reported … during Fox”s football coverage yesterday,  Howie Long slammed the government shutdown  … for curtailing the football broadcasts and damaging service members” morale.

Hagel says Pentagon officials decided they could end furloughs “for employees whose responsibilities contribute to the morale, well-being, capabilities and readiness of service members.” 

The order is effective immediately — the AFN is already getting its broadcast operations back up to speed.

Monday Night Football is on, baby.