Tyler Perry Traffic Stop — The Eyewitness Blow-By-Blow

Tyler Perry was confused, upset and a bit uncooperative when he was pulled over by two white cops in Atlanta this week … this according to a person who saw the whole thing go down.

As we previously reported, Perry admits he made an illegal left turn as he left his studio … but claims he was racially profiled by two “hostile” police officers … who allegedly harassed the movie mogul during the traffic stop.

Malik Kadeem watched the entire incident unfold … and called in to “our sources Live” with the blow-by-blow … saying Tyler upset one of the officers when he didn”t immediately roll down his passenger window when asked to do so.

Kadeem also says the officers were “giving [Tyler] a hard time” during the stop … until an African-American officer arrived to the scene, recognized Perry and defused the situation.

The ATL PD says it”s still investigating the incident to see if the officers acted inappropriately.