Tyga Video Vixens — Our Nipples Are Worth $10 Million

Exclusive 0726-tyga-getty
A couple of Tyga“s video vixens believe their exposed boobies in his “Make it Nasty” video are worth $10 million (per set) … because that”s the price they just named in their ongoing lawsuit.

our sources broke the story … Elizabeth Velasquez and Azia Davies sued Tyga last year, claiming shots of their nipples ended up in his music video … without their permission. They say they were promised NO nudity.

Now, the ladies have decided on a dollar amount for the alleged xxx-up … they filed new legal docs in July asking for $10 MILLION EACH (that”s $5 MILLION per boob) in punitive damages.

In case you”re wondering how exposed they were — you can watch the explicit version of the video on YouTube. It really lives up to its name.